International Academy of Studies & Sciences


The International Academy of Studies and Sciences: an educational institution licensed in the Republic of Germany – the state of Hamburg on 12-12-2014 with the number 22089.

The certificate is issued by the International Academy of Studies and Sciences in Germany IAS, and any graduate can verify his certificate through the number of each certificate.

Educational programs available at the Academy: Professional Diplomas, Professional Diplomas, Diploma in Islamic Studies, Professional Masters, Professional Doctorate.

The Academy has an experience equivalency system. The person who obtains experiences can equalize his experiences with a certificate approved by the Academy after taking an exam in the scientific specialization mentioned in his certificate, for a small fee.

The International Academy of Studies and Sciences in Germany is not a university and is not registered with the Ministry of Higher Education in Germany, but rather an officially licensed educational institution in Germany – Hamburg.

Many scientific agreements and twinnings have been signed with a number of educational and training institutions and academic institutions, and official accredited universities.

The Academy has provided and continues to provide science and knowledge with the finest curricula and the latest methods, while preserving the originality of the curricula and the modernity of style.